Hours of Operation

Mon – Thurs: 6a-10p
Fri: 6a-10p
Sat: 7a-10p
Sun: 7a-5p

Spring 2018 Menu

Basecamp Spring Menu

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This is our Basecamp, where Summit Coffee was born in 1998 and grows up each year. Still in the same 19th-century building on Main St. in Davidson, North Carolina, our flagship store is full of charm, quirkiness, and life. Equal parts living room, office, concert hall and beer garden. We deliver craft goods — coffee, beer and wine, pastries, live music — and give you a place to enjoy it.

Our team of baristas and bartenders are well-trained to serve specialty coffee, from the Summit Roastery just down the road, as well as intentionally selected beers and wines from around the world.