working for summit.

working for summit.
July 14, 2015 QuickFix
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We’re hiring. It’s an exciting process for us, to meet and interact with wildly different people. Some applicants will have coffee experience, and some won’t. Some will want to work with food, some will prefer nights, and some will want to get their hands dirty at The Roastery.

People ask us what we look for in a Summit employee. It’s a hard question to answer succinctly, but here’s a shot:


A craftsman, someone who puts intention into each thing we send across the counter.

An observer, someone who pays attention to customers and team members and treats them accordingly.

A challenger, someone who wants to know “why” and refuses to accept “because that’s how we’ve always done it.”

Especially that last one.

An enthusiast, someone who brings positive energy to work each day and feeds off others.

An entrepreneur, someone who wants their ideas valued and wants to grow as Summit grows.

A teammate, someone who thrives on working with others. Every day.

An individual, someone who wants to be themselves at work.

A person, someone who finds a way to marry work with life without neglecting either.

If you or someone you know might think Summit is a fit, have them email us at [email protected] We can’t wait to see who wants to join us!

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