Why Summit: Michael Griggs

Why Summit: Michael Griggs
June 20, 2017 Summit Coffee
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I can recall the very first day I visited Summit Coffee.

I was on my to work, traveling from Huntersville to Mooresville on route 115. I was new to the area, and part of my getting situated included finding a local coffee shop, where I could stop, and have a cup of coffee, before going to work.

Years of traveling in between cities everywhere can be tedious and burdensome. I learned that short respites, over a cup of coffee, provide relaxation, a time to think, and an opportunity to watch, and learn about, people.

It did not take me long to notice Summit Coffee on Main Street in Davidson. I parked the car, jay-walked across the street, and stepped through the door. That was over 10 years ago, and I have returned to Summit Coffee nearly every day since then.

To me, there is something wonderful about the smell of fresh coffee being brewed. The aroma that greeted me on that first visit assured me that I was in the right place. I paused to consider the choices on the board. A friendly barista took my order and served me a cup of the dark roast. I found a seat, held the cup in both hands, sipped my coffee and smiled. I had found what I was looking for.

I do take my coffee, and the places I frequent, seriously. I have an early morning routine, or ritual, that I follow. I value consistency, and I do not enjoy surprises in the wee hours of the day. At Summit Coffee, my early morning experiences are consistent, and I know what to expect when I arrive. From the coffee board, to the trivia question, and my final selection, I am served quickly, by friendly people, who know who I am. If I wish to know more about a particular roast, my questions are answered.

Over the years I have come to sit with, and have gotten to know, a diverse, interesting and engaging group of people. Like myself, the other patrons, enjoy conversations, on a wide range of topics. There is no shortage of talkers, and philosophers, at Summit. I thank the college across the street for some of that. I have heard it said that there are a few tellers of tall tales as well.

If you have time to sit long enough at Summit Coffee, you can learn just about anything you want to know about what the news of the day is on Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, or Downing Street. I have a fondness for history, and the weather. Sometimes our conversations are animated, robust, and even incredulous. They are most certainly entertaining.

If you wish to learn “who’s who” in Davidson, you will not have to sit long to observe town leaders, college professors, students, local business owners, professionals, civil servants, runners, sports legends, parents, children, and more, coming and going throughout the day.

Summit Coffee has a unique finger on the pulse of Davidson. To me, it is a local hub of activity, with its daily cast of characters. It is a great place to enjoy a cup on coffee, meet with friends, or make new ones. If you like, you can simply sit, watch, and listen. It is up yo you.

-Michael Griggs

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  1. Toby Foreman 1 year ago

    It was a pleasure sitting with you last Wednesday morning.. Thank you for sharing your story of how you came to Davidson and what Summit Coffee Co. means to you. Thank you for pouring yourself into the Summit Team members and the Davidson community.



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