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Our Mission

To approach coffee, community and collaboration with remarkable hospitality and a commitment to excellence

Our Story

Since 1998, we’ve been steadfast in our pursuit for great coffee and intentional relationships. From our small-farm producers across the world, to our award-winning roasting team in North Carolina, this coffee has been in good hands every step of the way. Now it’s in yours. Drink up.

Our Coffee

For Summit, great coffee begins with great sourcing. We sample hundreds of coffees each year, bringing the most complete and remarkable portfolio we can. We source from small-lot farmers and cooperatives, taking trips to various countries to establish direct relationships. And, ultimately, we bring the freshest coffee to our Certified Organic roastery. Our wholesale portfolio includes four year-round offerings, as well as rotating single-origin coffees.

Our Education

Most of us are at the end of the coffee process. Our cup is finite. It’s brewed, it’s enjoyed (ideally), and then, in a matter of minutes, it’s gone. That particular coffee’s life climaxes and bids farewell in our very drink. We have built a robust education program, with classes both in our state-of-the-art lab and on-site with wholesale accounts, to make sure each barista is well-trained to deliver a great cup of coffee.

Our People

Our wholesale team has both depth and breadth. our sourcing team includes a certified Q-grader; our production team features an SCA-certified roaster; and our education department is led by an SCA-certified barista. We also offer 19 years of cafe experience, lending to our expertise in all areas of the coffee business.

Our Commitment

Coffee is an agricultural product, grown by dedicated farms in some of the world’s most beautiful places. We commit to honoring that effort with each step of the process. For Summit, that means paying above-market wages to our partners. It means roasting each coffee with focus, cupping it time-and-time again until we reveal the best it has offer. It means preparing our customers to brew as well as possible. It means monitoring freshness during each step of the journey — from seed to cup.

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