Summit in 100 Words | Brian Helfrich

Summit in 100 Words | Brian Helfrich
August 8, 2017 Summit Coffee
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by brian.

We study a lot. We study our business, we study other businesses. We study coffee and jeans and technology. We read books, we read magazines, we share studies from Harvard Business School.

One of our favorite things to learn about is branding. We’re students of how companies brand themselves, why they’ve chosen that direction, and the words and images presenting that brand.

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard said of branding: “Our branding efforts are simple: tell people who we are. We don’t have to create a fictional character like the Marlboro Man or a fake responsible caring campaign like Chevron’s ‘we agree’ advertising. Writing fiction is so much more difficult than nonfiction. Fiction requires creativity and imagination. Nonfiction deals with simple truths.”

summit in 100 words.
brian helfrich, owner + ceo

With that in mind, I tasked our seven-person leadership team with writing a 100-word synopsis on what Summit Coffee is. My hope is that it shows our diversity of viewpoints, but our collective vision. To start, here’s mine.

We are Summit Coffee. We are community focused and we are coffee driven. We are 19 years of experience driven by innovation. We are collaborative and entrepreneurial, thoughtful and intentional.

We are a leader in coffee. We are your roaster and your retailer; your bar and your bakery; your classroom and your music venue. We are baristas and educators, professionals and friends. We are family owned and operated. We are family.

We are passionate, creative and approachable. We are 48 people working independently in beautiful rhythm. We are a blend of hospitality and craftsmanship and thoughtful business.

Find Your Summit.

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