September #FindYourSummit

September #FindYourSummit
October 7, 2016 QuickFix
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Here are your September #FindYourSummit selections!

1. Willie MacDade
2. Lisa Corcoran
3. Michael McFadden
4. Jeff McGonnell

Vote for your favorite picture by commenting below. Voting starts now and lasts until Monday October 17th. Winners win a swanky prize 🙂

Don’t forget to keep showing us your daily adventures for October!


Comments (5)

  1. Megan Sorokes 3 years ago

    Hands down! 3. Michael McFadden 🙂 @F3_duvall

  2. Mike 3 years ago


  3. annie 3 years ago

    Michael McFadden, fo sho! Three consecutive weekends of epic adventures: BRR + century MS ride + The Delta ruck. The consigliere rocks!

  4. Jeanne Neumann 3 years ago


  5. Degan 3 years ago

    The sweet river pic of Willie does it for me

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