Tadese Mamao

Tadese Mamao


12 ounce Valve Bag | light roast | lemon, green grape, spearmint, pomegranate



The Story | Due to restrictions from the Ethiopian government, sourcing from single-farm producers has been nearly impossible. Thankfully, our friends at Ally Coffee have been able to establish Direct Trade connections with a small number of farmers from the Yirgacheffe region. We are now fortunate to offer a Grade 1 washed process coffee from Tadese Mamao.

The Process | Yirgacheffe literally translates to “Land of Many Springs.” It has the ideal topography, elevation and water sources to produce and process exceptional coffees. Mamao grows coffee on 0.85 hectares near the town of Chelchele. Average annual temperature on the farm range from 10-23⁰C and the farm has fertile soil with shade from Cordia africana, Acacia, and Ensete ventricosum trees. This lot took 15 days to dry on raised beds. In previous harvests Tadese has sold coffee to the Chelchele washing station to be combined into a larger lot, and this is the first year his coffee is sold as an individual producer lot.

Our take | Evan Pollitt, Summit’s Director of Coffee: “In years past, Tedese Mamao has sold his coffee to a washing station to be blended with lots from other producers. This is the first year that his coffee is being sold as a single producer lot. It’s great to see what flavors this coffee offers when it’s on it’s own. This is a dense coffee grown at high elevations. I am using a roast profile that applies high heat early and doesn’t back off until near the end of the roast. When I do cut heat, I do so quickly. The result is an overall short roast time with a relatively short time developing caramelized sugars that could add to bitter flavors.”


Produce | Tadese Mamao
Region | Chelchele, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Varieties | Kume, Diga, Wolisho
Process | Washed
Altitude | 2130 masl
Tasting Notes | lemon, green grapes, pomegranate, spearmint

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