Nyampinga, Rwanda

Nyampinga, Rwanda


12 ounce Valve Bag | light roast | raisin, honeydew, toasted almond



The Coffee | The name for our newest African Benchmark Series coffee, Nyampinga, means beautiful women (both inside and out) in Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda. This coffee comes to Summit from an all women’s coffee cooperative in the Nyaruguru district along the southern border with Burundi. Look for tasting notes of raisin, honeydew, and toasted almond. Nyaruguru is a mountainous area (the average farm is at 1760 meters) and one of the few true forests left in the country. Around 200 women contribute coffee to this washing station, harvesting either on the cooperative plot or small family plots.

Since 2013 the women of Nyampinga have received training in agronomy, market access, and quality control from Sustainable Harvest Rwanda, along with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies. The result of the farmer’s hard work and enhanced knowledge of coffee production has been a resounding improvement in cup quality. The purchase of Nyampinga coffee funds Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards™, a unique program in which farmer participants earn assets that improve their quality of life. Premium sharing creates an ongoing relationship between you (our customers) and the individual farmers of Nyampinga. The farmers accrue points for producing superior quality coffee. In turn, Summit (and by extension, YOU) rewards those points with assets such as agricultural implements, solar lamps, cell phones, or water filtration devices. It is all about the coffee: sharing the value of good coffee at the point of sale between farmer and consumer.

This coffee is a Red Bourbon variety. At the washing station the coffee is carefully de-pulped, fermented, washed, and dried on raised beds. The members of the cooperative and coffee washing station diligently hand sort the coffee at each step of the way.

Our Story | Evan Pollitt, Summit Director of Coffee: “Nyampinga is a coffee from Southern Rwanda that stands for way more than the coffee we get to drink. This women’s coffee cooperative has been working for years to improve the lives of people in their community by helping them improve the quality of their coffee. Training in agronomy, market access, and increased quality control has had a noticeable impact on quality in the cup. Roasting this coffee hot and fast produces sweet citrus and floral notes. I started off with very high heat and cut it sharply, letting the roast coast through to the end. The end result is a smooth cup, with little roast attribute, and lots of nuance.”

Region |Nyaruguru, Rwanda
Cooperative | Nyampinga
Variety | Red Bourbon
Processing | washed
Tasting Notes | raisin, honeydew, toasted almond

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