Gedeb Natural

Gedeb Natural


12 ounce Valve Bag | light roast | strawberry, watermelon, brown sugar, mint



For the second consecutive harvest, we’re thrilled to source a Grade 1 dry processed coffee from Aman Adinew’s METAD, in the Gedeb region of Ethiopia. The Gedeb site is located in the fertile Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region of Gedeb, found within the Gedeo zone, approximately 437 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

The Story | Muluemebet Emiru, Adinew’s grandmother, was the first female African pilot almost a century ago, and she later became a coffee farmer in Harar, a region in western Ethiopia. Aman left Addis Ababa as a young man with just 250 dollars in his possession. In the United States, he earned his MBA and founded a record company before eventually returning to Ethiopia to work for the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. Now with his own agricultural group, Aman works not only to honor the career his grandmother cultivated, but to also influence Ethiopia’s coffee communities and their partners in consuming countries across the world.

The Coffee |METAD operates a washing station and dry mill in Gedeb, employing 28 permanent staff and 700 seasonal employees between this station and their partner station in Hambela. Seventy percent or more of these staff members are women, plus METAD partners with over 700 out-growers to provide best practices on growing, harvesting and selling coffee. This particular crop was harvested in the spring of 2018, and arrived in the U.S. in early August.

Our Take | Evan Pollitt, Summit’s Director of Coffee and Lead Roaster: “Dry processed Ethiopians have a reputation of being muddled or out of balance in the cup. One of the things I found so interesting about this coffee is that it has such clean, clear flavors. When working out a roast profile I wanted to make sure to preserve that quality. I chose to use a short overall roast time to limit any bitterness that might come out through caramelization. This roast time will also maximize fruit sweetness.”

Region | Gedeb, Ethiopia
Variety | heirloom Arabica
Altitude |1,770-2,200 masl
Processing | Dry Processed
Tasting Notes | strawberry, watermelon, brown sugar, mint

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