Finca Sofia, Colombia

Finca Sofia, Colombia


12 ounce Valve Bag | light roast | grapefruit, lemon, milk chocolate, floral



From the town of Salado Blanco in the state of Huila, Colombia, comes one of the finest coffees ever to hit our cupping table. This super limited Benchmark Series offering packs a mountain of flavor in one cup — from a grapefruit, tropical acidity, to its smooth lemon-and-milk chocolate body, finishing with a pleasant floral mouthfeel.

The Coffee | We, along with our friends at Cafe Imports, have been on an exciting journey with our Variety Unknown project and coffee release a few months ago. Last told, we were awarded with a small amount of a mysterious and mystifying coffee that appeared to be a new adaptation that had occurred on a few farms in Huila, Colombia. When the story left off, this coffee was being sent to a lab for genetic testing in Italy. Well, the results are in! You can head over to Cafe Imports to read the conclusion.

Cordoba took the Colombia variety, a highly productive and coffee-leaf-rust-resistant hybrid introduced by the agronomist arm of Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) in the 1980s, and made a magical coffee. Cafe Imports CEO Andrew Miller says of Cordoba and Finca Sofia: “It’s cold up there, and they don’t have rust, but he says the coffee does well and bears large fruit in the cool climate. He learned to process coffee from his father, and he has a small home that he shares with his wife, a school teacher. It seems that we are back to the same truths about quality coffee that variety matters but terroir matters as much, and processing might be slightly more important as an effort to preserve and highlight inherent quality in well-done coffee.”

Our Story | Evan Pollitt, Director of Coffee + Lead Roaster: “The first time we got this coffee it arrived ‘sight unseen.’ We got a very limited amount as part of the Variety Unknown Project. The limited amount and secretive nature of the project meant we didn’t have a whole lot of coffee or information to took with.

It’s great to have Finca Sofia back in the Roastery! This time around we know a lot more. With that said, we started from the ground up, going through the profiling process all over again. I really focused on clarity of acidity and balance, decreasing the percentage of time after First Crack without dramatically shortening the roast. The final product is balanced, and clean with a great depth of flavor.”

Region | Salado Blanco, Huila, Colombia
Producer | Helver Cordoba
|Finca Sofia
Variety | Colombia F6
Altitude | 1730 masl
Processing | washed
Tasting Notes | grapefruit, lemon, milk chocolate, floral

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