Finca Salaca, Costa Rica

Finca Salaca, Costa Rica


12 ounce Valve Bag | light roast | vanilla, white peach, baking spices, honey



The Coffee | Finca Salaca joins our Benchmark Series lineup from the Monte Brisas Micromill in Zarcero, Costa Rica. This honey processed, all Caturra variety coffee blew us away on the cupping table and tastes great any way we have decided to brew it! Keep an eye out for notes of vanilla, white peach, honey, and baking spices. Zarcero is located in the Alajuela province and is part of the West Valley region. The farm is located at 1,750 masl, and the soil in the West Valley is of high quality due to the influence of volcanoes and multiple rivers.

Luiz Salazar and his wife, Mari Cruz, own and operate Monte Brisas Micromill as a family business: They own four farms, and the mill is centralized among them at the family’s home. They also have a dry mill on the property, so they are able to oversee production from plant to green coffee for export. After harvest, the cherries are brought back to the family house, where they are sun-dried on patios as well as on raised beds.This is a honey-processed (aka pulped natural) coffee, meaning some percentage of the mucilage remains on the seed during drying. This leads to a denser fruit flavor and smooth mouthfeel in the cup.

Our Story | Evan Pollitt, Summit Director of Coffee: “This coffee is unique in the fact that one family, the Salazars, control the entire process from seed to export. As a family they own four farms, with a centrally located mill and dry mill. At the mill all ripe cherries re air dried and benefit from nearly perfect weather for processing, sunny and windy. To bring out the juicy fruit notes of this coffee I started with high heat and stepped back slowly. This allowed me to get the temperatures I wanted without introducing any risk of scorching the beans.”

Region | Zarceo, Costa Rica
Farm | Finca Salaca
Variety | Caturra
Processing |Honey
Tasting Notes | vanilla, white peach, baking spices, honey

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