El Chasqui, Peru (Organic)

El Chasqui, Peru (Organic)


12 ounce Valve Bag | Directly sourced from 9 producers, this well-balanced coffee offers notes of melon, clove and brown sugar.



The Story: In 2018, Brian headed south to the mountains of Northern Peru to visit the Rutas Del Inca Cooperative, from which Summit has been sourcing coffee since 2015. Brian was the first American to visit the cooperative, located in a small town called Querocoto. While there, Brian met with several producers, visiting their farms and tasting their single-lot coffees that, ultimately, get blended with coffee from their neighboring farmers to be distributed at the cooperative.

We knew, from up here in North Carolina, that 253 producers contribute to the cooperative — and since the coffee itself has improved each harvest, we recognized that some of the farmers must have been producing better-and-better crops. So while at the cooperative, Brian selected two more traceable lots that stood out and we worked with our partners at Sustainable Harvest to keep the coffee separate from farm to Summit.

This coffee, El Chasqui, is the first of the new selections. The name comes from the chasquis — the messengers of the Inca empire, the fittest and most highly trained individuals. The El Chasqui lot comes from nine producers who live across the communities of Cucho and Inguer in the Querecoto District. They were chosen to create a microlot based on their high-quality production and the unique cup profile they produce. Rutas del Inca considers the coffee to be an exquisite sensory experience given the nuanced and beautiful flavors.

The Coffee: This is certified Fair Trade, Organic coffee grown at 2,100 meters. After harvesting only the ripest red cherries from their farms, these farmers fermented the coffee for 28 hours. After washing it, they then dried the coffee for eight to twelve days until it reached the optimum humidity level.


Tasting notes: Fig, clove, brown sugar, melon


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