Eider Herrera

Eider Herrera


12 ounce Valve Bag | From the Best of Colombia auction, Eider’s washed coffee is clean and sweet with notes of crisp apple and kiwi.



The Coffee – This single-origin microlot from producer Eider Herrera is the result of Summit Director of Coffee, Evan Pollitt, visiting Colombia in the fall of 2018. A core part of Summit’s mission is to build relationships within the coffee journey, and our constant efforts to source directly from producers around the world is central to that goal.

While attending the 2018 Best of Colombia coffee competition, Eider’s coffee jumped out to Evan from the first pass. He relayed his affection for it, and its high score, to Brian and the two decided to make an offer to bring Eider’s microlot back to our roasting facility in North Carolina.

This wonderful coffee comes from Eider’s 3-hectare farm, Finca Buena Vista in Huila, Colombia, where he grows 15,000 Castillo coffee trees. After picking and depulping, the coffee is fermented dry for 24 hours before being washed and dried in the sun for 12 days.


Farm: Finca Buena Vista

Roast: light to medium

Tasting notes: crisp apple, clean, honey, and kiwi

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