Descent (Decaf)

Descent (Decaf)


12 oz valve bag | An organic, single-origin decaf that drinks like a regular coffee with notes of apple and chocolate.



Coffee is an agricultural product: it grows on a tree, inside of a cherry, and is picked during harvest season. With that in mind, we value how we source our decaf coffees just as highly as we value our regular coffee. We care about the origin, the processing, the relationship. And, one step further, we ensure that this coffee has been decaffeinated using the only natural method: water processing.

Evan Pollitt, Director of Coffee: “Descent is our house decaf, and the taste profile changes as the coffee(s) components do. What stays true, however, is our approach to roasting a decaf that drinks like coffee – full of flavor and sweetness.”


Region: Mexico

Tasting notes: apple, chestnut, milk chocolate

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