Our Story


In 1998, our story begins in a 100 year-old building on Davidson’s Main St. It’s a story about coffee, adventure, and people. But mostly about the people. It’s about sourcing and delivering craft goods — coffee, beer, music. And it’s about providing a good place to enjoy them: Davidson’s Basecamp.


In 2013, a new chapter unfolds at the Outpost and the Kitchen. It’s about a shop becoming shops. About a staff of nine becoming a staff of 36. About fresh pastries and local ingredients; campus pub and handcrafted food.


And, in June 2015, our story continues at the Roastery. We’re discovering great beans from the best farmers, and seeing the process through to the cup. At Summit Coffee, our story is still about the coffee. It’s still about adventure. And it’s still all about the people.