Our Story

Since 1998, we have been steadfast in our pursuit of great coffee, community, and collaboration. From our three cafes in Davidson and Asheville, to our roasting operation, to our wholesale business that distributes Summit Coffee all across the U.S., we’re determined to create remarkable experiences for our customers through hospitality and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
For Summit, the confluence of relationship and coffee is non-negotiable. We source the highest-quality specialty coffee from small-lot producers around the world, establishing direct relationships to maximize transparency and ensure the best working conditions. The coffee’s journey continues to our roastery, a Certified Organic production facility with two machines, plus state-of-the-art training and cupping labs. Summit also is a certified partner of Fair Trade U.S.A.
In our cafes, community is paramount. For more than 20 years, our business has been driven by the people who lead it and the people who love it. Through craft coffee, in-house baked goods, beer + wine, live music and events, Summit can fuel your day from start to finish.
Whatever your adventure is, we want you to FIND YOUR SUMMIT. It’s about the decision to start, the planning, the getting lost, the adventures, the challenges, the ascents and descents, the need for partnership, the need to go alone.