on wine.

on wine.
February 28, 2017 Summit Coffee
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by brian.

it’s troubled me for some time that the wine program at summit hasn’t matched our intentionality with coffee, beer, events, etc. i love wine, and drink plenty of it (for another blog, perhaps). but we’ve never “owned” our wine program. we’ve never built a wine list from bottle 1 to bottle 22 with a grander vision for what we were putting together. until last thursday, i didn’t even know how many different wines we sold.

until now.

continuing with one of our main themes for 2017, transparency, welcome to our new wine program. i have worked with alex, manager of our basecamp location and director of beer + wine, for the past month to craft a wine menu that summit is proud of. and now, we want to share that with everyone: the ideas and genesis, in this post, and the wines themselves, starting this friday.

the #1 rule for our wine menu is that I need to be excited about all 22 wines. i want to be happy drinking each bottle at home, from the $6 glass to the $45 bottle. so we sampled more than 75 wines, hand-selected from a small group of wine reps. it was as tough as it sounds.

the #2 rule: offer a diverse selection. i love californian wines, but not everyone shares that taste. we wanted a mix of new world and old world. a mix of popular varietals and lesser-known grapes.

the #3 rule: price aggressively. you won’t find better bargains at a wine bar anywhere. we price our glasses affordably, and our bottles really affordably. we also want to incentivize bottle purchases, since it’s such a better deal. whether you’re sitting for a glass or two, or want to grab a bottle on the way home from work, our prices accommodate both.

the #4 rule: educate our staff. we know that we need to own our wine menu better. we need our baristas and bartenders to learn our wines, learn them some more, and then share that knowledge with the customers.

the #5 rule: keep it fresh. we built this wine menu to reflect the spring season, and we also want to see what works. we’re going to rinse-and-repeat this process every three months. some wines will stay, some will go, and we want to know what YOU want to drink. please let us know.

so, with no further ado, here’s our new wine menu. stop by this friday at 5:00pm for the grand reveal, and you can sample ANY 10 of these for just $10.


Barone Fini Pinot Grigio 7 glass | 17 bottle – Italy
Azul y Garanza 6 glass | 18 bottle – Spain * 1 liter
Drumheller Chardonnay 7 glass | 17 bottle – Washington
Camino Picpoul de Pinet Domitia 8 glass | 20 bottle France
1975 Sauvignon Blanc 8 glass | 20 bottle California
Hogwash Rose 9 glass | 22 bottle – California

Domaine Dominique Gruhler Chardonnay 24 bottle – France
Maschio Prosecco little bottles 7 bottle only

Farmhouse Red 6 glass | 15 bottle – Sonoma, California
Abbycourt Cote Du Rhone 6 glass | 15 bottle – France
Higher Ground Pinot Noir 9 glass | 22 bottle – Monterrey, California
Reunion Malbec 7 glass | 17 bottle – Argentina
Tenuta Curezza Prine 9 glass | 22 bottle – Italy
Ironside Cabernet 8 glass | 20 bottle – California

Xiloca Garnacha 17 bottle Spain
Peirano Estate Merlot 17 bottle – California
Rivetto Barbera del Monferrato 20 bottle – Italy
Dover Vineyards 2012 Chambourcin 22 bottle – North Carolina
Educated Guess Cabernet 24 bottle – California
Chateau Tayet 24 bottle – France
Corte Volponi, Valpolicella 28 bottle – Italy
Illahe Vineyards Pinot Noir 28 bottle Oregon
Chateau de Ruth Chateaneuf de Pape 45 bottle France

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