on a mission, and the people behind it

on a mission, and the people behind it
July 12, 2018 Summit Coffee
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by Brian.

Approaching coffee, community and collaboration with remarkable hospitality and a commitment to excellence.

That’s our mission, at Summit Coffee. Read it again.

I wrote it, rewrote it, trashed it, started again, made it tighter, sharper, more honest, and yet I still look at it every day. That’s how I knew it was our mission, for the present and future of Summit Coffee. It’s a call to greatness and a call for humility. It’s a drive for the new Summit fans and a respect for those from the past 20 years. It’s a mission that holds Summit to high standards in everything we do. It’s our filter for decisions, our focus point for creative meetings.

It’s our “why.”

If the Find Your Summit movement is about encouraging everyone to personalize their adventures, their Summits, and live each day in search of those, the Summit mission is our way to get there.

I work alongside a 60-person team of stunningly talented, fun, passionate people who make Summit what it is. Within that team, I work daily as part of a six-person Leadership Team that helps manage Summit and innovate us to new heights. While dissecting this mission statement with the six-pack of leaders, we decided to break it down even further into more practical terms. What are our company’s goals, as part of our mission? So we came up with these eight:

1 – To be excellent in coffee
2 – To be positive members of our communities
3 – To be a fair and good employer
4 – To be engaging with our customers
5 – To collaborate within coffee and other industries
6 – To be innovative
7 – To be financially sustainable
8- To have fun

In full transparency, this is what goes on behind the scenes at our corporate offices in Cornelius. This is how we filter our focus on Summit’s future, on how we make decisions and why we make those decisions. If we’re hitting on these 8 Macro Goals, as we call them, then we’re achieving our mission and, thus, allowing ourselves to flourish.

For two days this week, the Leadership Team escaped to the mountains of South Carolina (yes, they exist!) for our semiannual Leadership Summit. (As a side note, this used to be a “retreat” until my oldest brother, Dan, pointed out that to retreat is to move back and withdraw, to rest and relax — and that’s definitely not what these two-day huddles are for. Thanks, Dan!)

Our two days were collaborative, vulnerable, challenging, engaging, reflective, abrasive, innovative and fun. We listened to talks from the great Simon Sinek, read articles from Jim Collins, played bocce and shuffleboard, drank wine, watched World Cup, challenged each other with unfiltered questions, explored our fears and visions, and collaborated. Above all, we focused on leadership, on what it means to inspire and coach. We talked about the privilege of our positions and knowledge, and how it’s a responsibility to share that with our customers and, more so, our staff.

To lots of folks, Summit Coffee is a coffee shop on the corner of Main Street in downtown Davidson. And that’s great — Summit Coffee is, indeed, just that. But Summit is also the Outpost, it’s a cafe in Asheville, it’s a aggressively growing wholesaler, it’s a catering and events program, it’s a bakery. It’s a team of 60 people from different generations who are working under a mission to approach coffee, community and collaboration with remarkable hospitality and a commitment to excellence.

Our future is hard. Our future is fun. Our future is daunting. Our future is bright.

And as we move along, we want to do a better job of sharing our life’s work, our passion, our mission, with the community we’ve enjoyed serving each day since 1998 and the communities we’ve yet to grow, foster and support.

Find Your Summit. We’re finding ours.

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  1. John Ashcraft 11 months ago

    B… I may be several years your senior, but every time I talk with you or read your publications I learn something and find inspiration. Being transparent is akin to being vulnerable. That’s difficult to impossible for most. It’s part of what makes you so special and such a fantastic leader. Let’s collaborate.

  2. Author
    Summit Coffee 11 months ago

    “Several years” is a stretch John. Thanks for the kind words. It’s a pleasure to learn from your plethora of success as well.

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