Meet Your Summit: Aimée Keeble

Meet Your Summit: Aimée Keeble
May 8, 2019 Summit Coffee
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This is the first in a new series introducing you to the people who make Summit happen. Up first, Aimée Keeble, Summit’s Office Manager. Get to know Aimée:

How the heck do you say your name? FRENCH AMY. Actually, it means beloved in French. My ma is sentimental. Apparently, it’s quite an old name in France, like our equivalent of Agatha!

Are you French? Nope, Scottish/Italian/Irish, by way of Florida.

What do you miss least about Florida? Alligators in the back yard. Mosquitos the size of owls. Bull sharks- they like the taste of people! Oh, and driving on I95 because every time I get on the interstate it’s like that scene from “Clueless.”

You hate the interstate? Like, all interstates? Yea, what happens if you need to get off and you’re stuck? I have a small bladder. What if you get stuck and end up in Idaho? Do you just start a new life? The possibilities are too much.

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?Mazzy Star, Into Dust

OK, more on topic. In 10 words or fewer, why did you choose Summit? I support independent businesses, and Summit is the apex (haha) of independence. It knows where it’s going and it respects where it’s from. Davidson was a stranger to me before Summit and now it’s family. Plus, all I drink is coffee and beer so, what more can a gal need? (editor note: That wasn’t even close to 10 words).

Your high school friends probably assumed you would grow up to be ….. A reality TV star that went on to enjoy a semi-successful career as a pop artist in Romania.

What’s your favorite thing you get to do at work? Wrestle with numbers and WIN! Math doesn’t scare me anymore! (Thanks Andrew).

That’s shocking. That I win? Or that I’m not scared?

What’s your go-to Summit drink? An oat milk latté with a splash of Hazelnut Syrup.

What’s one thing people don’t know about Summit that you want them to? We put so much care and effort into roasting our beans. The roasters really have a deep respect for their job and a well deserved pride that shows in their product.

Lastly, introduce yourself in a haiku: 

Auspicious nightfall
A gray, lovely wolf shines
above the cowboy

OK, this was sufficiently weird. Thanks!

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  1. Michael Griggs 6 months ago

    Anyone who drinks only coffee and beer is all right in my book.

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