meet team summit: Kelly

meet team summit: Kelly
February 2, 2016 QuickFix
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by Brooke

Baking. It’s a discipline many choose to take on, but only a few master. Baking is more than just following a recipe. Anyone can do that. It’s precise. It’s ruled by “no peaking”. It’s science. It’s hard work. It’s Kelly’s passion. And she’s good at it. More than good, actually. Kelly is fantastic. Which is proven by the fact that her cakes, pies, cupcakes, turnovers, and scones sell out consistently at both locations. Not because they’re the only option in town. No, no. They sell out because they’re decadent, savory and delicious all at the same time. Kelly is our baker and our best kept secret. Get to know Kelly!

Why baking? What do you love about it? 

Kelly: I got turned on to baking the summer before I went to culinary school. My grandmother paid for me to make everything in Martha Stewart’s baking cookbook. I baked everything and loved it! I just really love the technical and esthetic part of baking.

You do make such beautiful cakes, cupcakes, etc. It’s definitely a creative process.

Kelly: Thank you! That is one of my favorite parts about working for Summit. That I am encouraged and given the freedom for creativity.

Your days start so early at Summit. 5am early! What is the best part of your mornings?

Kelly: The best part of my mornings would have to be when I get the ovens rolling and the first batch of scones baking. (Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Heath, Pumpkin White Chocolate, Fig & Goat Cheese… just to name a few.)

The beloved scones! They’re so good. But we’re not the only ones you bake for, correct?

Kelly: No, I am also the only baker at Bird and Bear Cookies, which are sold at Basecamp! I also own my own baking company. (we’ve seen her cakes. they’re amazing.)

You are so busy! What do you do in your free time?

Kelly: I love creating cakes for my own business, going to concerts and festivals, and spending time with my mom, my cat, Jackson, and my dog, Maje. Maje loves to go to the dog bar!

And just for fun, I know how you love our coffee first thing in the morning. Which Summit coffee is your favorite? 

Kelly: Let’s see… Kilimanjaro is my fav coffee!







Kelly attended CPCC for Culinary Arts and has served the Lake Norman Area for 13 years. You can find Kelly’s pastries, cakes, & cupcakes at both Summit locations. 

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