Meet Team Summit: Courtney

Meet Team Summit: Courtney
June 4, 2015 QuickFix
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When we decided to launch ourselves, neck-deep, into the restaurant business with the opening of The Outpost and The Kitchen, we knew finding the right leader was critical to our success. We teased the idea out with our dear friend, Courtney Spear, and she decided to launch herself, neck-deep, into the food business with us. Courtney, also the Manager of the Davidson Farmers’ Market and a mother of three, has been running Summit’s food business for 20 months. Get to know Courtney!

Is running a kitchen harder or much harder than you thought? 

Courtney: I didn’t go into the kitchen with any thoughts of how hard it may be to manage – maybe that’s a good thing. Working with genuine, kind, motivated and proactive people makes running the Summit kitchen…not-so-hard. We’re a team and that’s what I love about it!

What’s the best part of being with food every day?

Courtney: Consuming really good food makes our staff and customers excited and happy! So whether I’m preparing regular menu items or creating something new,  knowing that it’s going to make most folks smile and possibly utter an uncontrollable happy food sigh or moan is the best!

How does working with the Davidson Farmers’ Market help your daily work at Summit? 

Courtney: Being around fresh food and the people that grow, raise, create and appreciate it is inspiring. The Market provides our community with a platform for food education, sharing and creativity. This motivates me in the Summit kitchen.

Do you have a favorite menu item at The Outpost? 

Courtney: I’m not going to say the Classic Spinach Salad, even though I love it! My favorite is our Buffalo Billy Pizza. Our homemade buffalo sauce is the best! And that combined with blue cheese, chicken, cheese and green onions – it’s a flavor explosion!

What’s your least favorite vegetable? 

Courtney: Yellow squash is my least fave. It has a peculiar taste and texture. I keep trying mom …sorry.

How long have you put Stevia and honey in your coffee? 

Courtney: Lol! I’ve graduated to honey only. Stevia was so two years ago.

My bad. When not at Summit or DFM, where can we find you? 

Courtney: Exercising, cooking in my home kitchen, cheering on the Davidson Wildcats Men’s Soccer Team (in the “family zone”) or being a mom of three boys and a spouse to my hubby – the loves of my life.

If you didn’t live in Davidson, where would you love to live? 

Courtney: I’d love to split my time between Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC or go big and live in Santa Barbara, CA! But there’s no Summit Coffee in these places (yet)…so forget it!

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