Love Actually.

Love Actually.
February 14, 2012 Summit Coffee

This entry comes with a preface: I’m trying really hard not to be too cheesy, but I may not succeed.

It’s Valentine’s Day, which seems to be more divisive than our country’s political landscape. To recognize or to ignore? To celebrate or to bemoan? At Summit, we recognize, we celebrate, we embrace February 14. Chocolate and roses were so 20th century; coffee is the new flavor of love.

Some three years ago, one couple found Summit to be such a special place that the soon-to-be-husband proposed to his soon-to-be-wife via our daily trivia. (While I wasn’t here, my hope is that she received her $0.10 discount when she correctly answered “yes.”) And we know Dave has met a girlfriend or two by pouring a heart on top of a latte.

Five years ago, I met my wife (she wasn’t my wife when I met her, just to be clear) when I handed her a mug of Kilimanjaro Blend over the counter. “You’re Brian, right?” she asked. The friendship and subsequent courtship blossomed from one cup of black coffee to the next. There’s little that says “I love you” like sitting behind Summit on a Sunday morning, cup of coffee in hand. Three years later when we married in Richmond, Virginia, we gave each guest a two-ounce bag of coffee. Kilimanjaro Blend, to bring things full circle.

So on this Tuesday, when I wake up and brew some Kilimanjaro at home for Tyler before heading north to do the same for the town of Davidson, know that nothing quite says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a cup of Summit coffee.

Go ahead, chocolate. Top that.

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