Coffee Profile: Kochere Bonde, Ethiopia

Coffee Profile: Kochere Bonde, Ethiopia
June 12, 2017 Summit Coffee
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Kochere Bonde

Our “why” and intention for our newest Benchmark series, Kochere Bonde, as told by our Director of Coffee, Evan.

“As a coffee roaster, few countries create as much excitement as Ethiopia. Blending storied roots and modern innovation, Ethiopia in many ways “is” coffee. It’s hard for me to find many coffees from the Yirgacheffe region that I don’t like. The diversity of variety, processing, and cultivation creates a rich palette of coffee flavors. This particular coffee, Kochere Bonde, really stood out because of its intense lime and tropical flavors layered over black tea and graham cracker.

This coffee didn’t happen by accident. Each lot is intensely scrutinized to insure that it is defect free and represents the best flavors of the region. In recognition of their diligent efforts, sorters at this facility are paid double the average rate. Paying these premiums has allowed workers to spend more in their communities and has helped improve area schools.”

Look for Kochere Bonde for purchase in store + on drip this week!

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