jairo quinones – farm to cup.

jairo quinones – farm to cup.
May 13, 2016 QuickFix
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by brian.

I knew his coffee and his name before I knew his face. Jairo Quinones, I read in our Huila Best Cup guides, is a young farmer from Finca Nueva Zelandia in Colombia. Jairo Quinones, I learned, grows a remarkable cup of coffee. And then, on the afternoon of February 6, Jairo Quinones stood stage center at an outdoor mall in Pitalito, Colombia, waiting for dozens of coffee buyers to bid for his crop of coffee. 

It was our first trip to “origin,” Evan and me, taking a plane, another plane, and yet another plane, before taking a “bus” to our home for the week. We tasted nearly 100 different coffees, chosen from 700 different submissions to Huila Best Cup, and tried to find the one coffee from the one farmer that we could bring with us back to Davidson.

And so, in the rain at the outdoor mall, Jairo Quinones stood quietly, almost expressionless out of trepidation. His entire year’s worth of crop was up for auction, and two Americans in the front row would soon pay him a record amount for it.

We’re thrilled to introduce to you this crop from Jairo Quinones – it’s one of the finest coffees we have ever roasted, and we sourced it direct from the farmer who harvested it. Buy a bag, read more about our trip and enjoy Summit’s first, true Direct Trade coffee. 

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