Happy Birthday, Summit.

Happy Birthday, Summit.
September 11, 2012 Summit Coffee

Summit turns 14!!

This weekend, Summit celebrates the 14th anniversary of its opening back in September of 1998. The theme of adventure has been an important aspect of the Summit brand and shop décor since day one, and it certainly has been an adventure!

As with any adventure or expedition, there has been a mighty effort by a whole lot of people. There has been great teamwork. There have been struggles and unforeseen obstacles. There have been plans that worked flawlessly and plans that needed adjusting. There have been breathtaking moments of beauty. There have been triumphs. There have been summits and false summits. And it has been memorable.

Pausing to reflect on the memories encompassed in the 14-year history of the shop is a somewhat overwhelming task; there are just so many memories. And then there are the memories of so many others that we don’t even know about.

I remember having English class in the “old” upstairs as a junior at Davidson College.

I remember coming to Summit Coffee on September 11, 2001, desperately needing community.

I remember hosting an after hours party for the Royal Shakespeare Company when we had so many people dancing upstairs that the floor was bouncing.

I remember our first benefit concert one week after the Tsunami, dozens of musicians playing outside in 40-degree weather.

I remember when the milk fridge fell over, glass shattering everywhere, and I remember the customers who helped to pick up the pieces (as well as the customers who asked: “can you still make a milkshake?”).

I remember the ice storm of 2003; opening the doors at 6 AM even thought the streets were impassable and we had no power.

I remember Billy Jones playing music in the front corner.

I remember the Sunday morning when a man proposed to a woman via our trivia board: “Will you marry me?” She got ten cents off when she answered correctly: “Yes.”

I remember former baristas: Simkus, Billy, Ron, Steve, Jessica, Joel, Curtis, Debbie, Allison, Amanda, Christen, Pete, Andrea, Chris, Jake, John, Adam, Kate, JP, Cindy, Laura…

I remember when rain came through the ceiling.

I remember getting a call from a manager saying that the back deck was on fire! It was April Fools Day.

I remember pulling an all-nighter on New Year’s eve, in the company of several others, to paint the downstairs.

Of course, I could go on and on.

But I am also interested in knowing your memories. If you have a few minutes, shoot me a quick email: [email protected]

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