French Press Brewing Guide

French Press Brewing Guide

the background:
The French Press is one of the simplest and most classic manual brewing methods for coffee. The basics components of the French Press are a carafe, a plunger with some kind of screen, coffee, water, and time.

There are countless varieties of the French Press, large, small, stainless steel, travel, plastic; no matter the variation though, the Press operates the same way. There have been many variations of the French Press throughout history, but the first patent for the device was filed in 1929 Milan by Attilio Calimani.

the needs:
french press
40 grams whole bean coffee
burr grinder
goose-neck kettle
scale with timer
fresh water

1. Preheat carafe and discard used water.

2. Put ground coffee in the carafe.

3. Place carafe on scale and tare weight.

4. Add about 10% of the total water to the grounds and stir gently.

5. At 1:00 fill the carafe to 600g.

6. Gently stir to saturate grounds and start the timer.

7. Place the top on the carafe, slightly depressing the plunger.

8. When the timer reaches 4:00 minutes depress the plunger and pour coffee into the decanter to prevent over extraction.

While the French Press is simple in its design, some precision is required with this brewing method. This is an immersion style of brewing coffee. That means there is a lot of time for the water to extract from the grounds. For this reason, a coarse grind is needed to prevent over extraction. A coarse grind also prevents the plunger from becoming clogged. For a smaller press adjust accordingly on a 1/15 coffee/water ratio.