Don’t worry, she’ll be back tomorrow

Don’t worry, she’ll be back tomorrow
January 11, 2012 Summit Coffee

“Where’s Becky?” “Where’s Becky?” “Where’s Becky?”

I fielded that question at least a half dozen times this morning,

Today is the one day a week that Becky doesn’t open the store. Each of the other six days this week, and on six days each week, Becky wakes up before all of us to get the coffee brewing and get the town going. It’s not quite the same on the rare mornings when Becky isn’t here. It’s not that the other baristas aren’t equally extraordinary, and we believe the Summit experience is just as good on these days as any other. It’s just not the same.

I love that customers are perplexed when they don’t see Becky in the morning. For them, Becky is inseparable from Summit Coffee. They have this reaction because they see Becky at Summit all the time, but they also have this reaction because Becky is a part of Summit. And, man, are we lucky.

Customers remind me about this on regular occasions. “Tim, do you realize how lucky you are to have Becky here?” “Becky is the best.” “You have a real treasure in Becky.” I am always quick to affirm these commendations and to assure our customers that I am indeed aware of how lucky we are.

I have always said that the baristas are the single most important part of the company. They define us; they are our brand.  I am thrilled to have Becky shaping the definition of Summit Coffee. She is one of a very special group of baristas, and they all deserve a lot of credit and a lot of my gratitude.

I knew when I first interviewed Becky that she would be perfect for Summit. I called her repeatedly while she was still living in Raleigh to find out when she was moving down and when she could start. Luckily for us, a few months later, she was behind the bar.

Becky has made us a better coffee shop each day that she has been here. She is everything that we want Summit to be. Becky is serious about her work but she makes the work place fun every day. She has personality in bundles. She is warm and caring, and she has formed meaningful relationships with so many of our customers. Becky loves her work, and it shows. In addition to managing the shop she has also served as a winger for the Summit soccer team (Barista United!), and she also spent the New Years weekend painting the shop. These are just a few of the ways in which Becky has left an indelible mark on Summit.

She is also tireless, and she can’t stand the idea of having two days off in a row!

So, don’t worry Davidson. Becky will be back tomorrow before sun up. Luckily.

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