Adventure Series

The Adventure Series hosts our year-round offerings. We view life as an adventure, and thus these year-round coffees are designed and brewed for year-round consumption. Whatever your adventure is each day, these coffees are a match.

Benchmark Series

Our Benchmark Series borrows its name from the emblem at the summit of every mountain in the United States. This series of Single-Origin coffees (as in from a single source, not blended) are the pinnacle of beans from their respective areas. To be labeled a Benchmark Series coffee from Summit, it must both score high enough from all of our graders AND represent what we determine is among the top offerings from that particular origin. So if life is an adventure, let your days also have Benchmark moments — recognize achievement, enjoy success.

Water Process Decaf

Our Decaf coffees undergo the only natural decaffeinating process: Swiss Water. Decaffeinated in small batches, working with Swiss Water allows us to continue our commitment to sourcing from the finest small-lot farms in the world.

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