Coffee of the Week: Idido

Coffee of the Week: Idido
July 18, 2014 QuickFix

From the only land where coffee is indigenous, Idido represents what makes Ethiopian coffees so dynamic. This particular selection, from Counter Culture Coffee, is the first lot from the Idido cooperative in Yirgacheffe, representing a select group of 200 farmers. This coffee has notes of melon, orange blossom and citrus.

Counter Culture explains: “Yirgacheffe is likely the most famous or second-most famous coffee town—Harrar being the other—in all of Ethiopia. When we first traveled to Yirgacheffe almost a decade ago, it was hard to believe that a town so tiny that if you blinked while driving through it you might miss it, could have such a reputation. The reputation, however, is there for a reason. Yirgacheffe revolutionized Ethiopian coffee decades ago by building a washing station to process coffee in the ‘washed’ style popular in Latin America at that time. Yirgacheffe quickly became famous for its sweetly complex, almost tea-like washed coffees, and the area around Yirgacheffe town remains heaven for coffee buyers around the world, including us. Staggering altitude, ideal climates, and unique heirloom coffee varieties make this a truly special coffee region.”

Harvested in January and February of 2014, this coffee is in stock at Summit. In fact, we’ll be featuring it Saturday morning, July 19, at our pour over stand in conjunction with the Davidson Farmer’s Market. Open from 9-11am — come check us out!

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