Chemex Brewing Guide

Chemex Brewing Guide

the background:
designed in 1941, the chemex is a manual, pour-over coffee device. the shape of the chemex – an hourglass-shaped glass flask with a conical funnel-like neck – makes it unique. used at home by several Summit baristas, the chemex presents a sweet cup of coffee and looks sweet in your kitchen.

the needs:
8-cup chemex
50 grams whole bean coffee
burr grinder
goose-neck kettle
paper filter
scale with timer
fresh water

  1. bring 850 grams of fresh water to boil.
  2. insert the filter into the chemex with three folds against the spout, and the single-fold side opposite.
  3. use 75-100g of the boiling water to rinse the filter and heat the chemex. discard rinse water.
  4. grind 50 grams of coffee to medium-coarse

5. place ground coffee into the pre-wet filter, and place chemex on a scale. tare it out.

6. start the timer. add 100g of water to saturate the grounds. allow the grounds to “bloom.”

7. at 0:40, slowly start your second pour. evenly saturate the grounds in a spiral pouring motion until your total water weight reaches 450g. gently stir the water bed to stimulate turbulance.

8. at 2:00, slowly start your third and final pour. make sure to pour on the darker areas and avoid lighter ones. stop pouring water once the scale has reached 750g. gently stir the water bed to stimulate turbulance.

9. at 4:30, your brewing process should be complete. remove the filter and grounds.


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