V60 Brewing Guide

V60 Brewing Guide

the background:
From the pioneering company Hario comes the V60, a widely used method for single-cup pour over coffee. The cone shaped filter adds depth to the coffee layer, so that the water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the ground coffee.

the needs:
v60 dripper
v60 paper filter
19 grams whole bean coffee
burr grinder
goose-neck kettle
scale with timer
fresh water

1. Fill water kettle and start boil.

2. Weigh coffee. Grind coffee to a medium-fine coarseness just before brewing.

3. Fold V60 filter. Fold the filter along the seam and open. Set it into the dripper.

4. Rinse filter for 5-10 seconds with hot water to remove impurities and warm the vessel. Dump out water.

5. Add grounds to the filter.

6. Shake the V60 gently to even out the surface of the coffee grounds. Make a small indentation in the center.

7. Place the carafe and V60 dripper on the scale and tare.

8. Add roughly 10% of the total water and allow to bloom

9. At 0:45 begin pouring in concentric circles. Starting in the middle and working toward the edge.

10. Repeat this motion continuously until you reach desired water volume. Continue pouring with this motion until 315-320 grams is reached. (Slightly more than 300 grams because some water is lost to absorption in the coffee grounds.)

11. Gently stir the grounds 6-8 times in a circular motion, creating a slight vortex.

12. Allow all the water to visibly drain from the filter and remove the V60 dripper from the carafe.

french press