• Mar082017

    on finding my summit.


    by brian. This January, out of the blue, I received an email from Ed Weihenmayer, proud father of adventurer, mountaineer, and general badass Erik Weihenmayer. Ed wanted to share with me, and with the Summit Coffee team, that his favorite shirt had taken its last trip through the washing machine. This shirt was simple. Long sleeve and white cotton, it…

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  • Feb282017

    on wine.

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    by brian. it’s troubled me for some time that the wine program at summit hasn’t matched our intentionality with coffee, beer, events, etc. i love wine, and drink plenty of it (for another blog, perhaps). but we’ve never “owned” our wine program. we’ve never built a wine list from bottle 1 to bottle 22 with a grander vision for what…

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  • Feb132017

    on competing with the best.

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    by evan. I recently went to Knoxville, TN, to compete in the U.S. Barista Championships Regional. This year marks my third in coffee and I never thought I would be here. I make a point every year to watch the U.S. Coffee Championships to see what the best in our industry are doing. Standing on the same stage was a…

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  • Jan302017

    sustainability in 2017.


    by Adrienne, Director of Sustainability. It’s a new year, which is a great to time to set goals and make positive changes. At Summit, one of our goals for this year is to become more sustainable. The World Commission on the Environment and Development defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations…

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  • Jan172017

    on hospitality


    by brian. i make it a directive each winter, as december turns to january, to select a word of the year. a word to keep in my mind, a word to live by, a word to live out. and, because my personal life and my summit life are so intertwined, the word needs to work for all things. in 2016,…

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  • Jan102017

    here’s to you, 2016


    by brian. i spent the past few weeks preparing for 2017: action items, deliverables, a budget, buzz words, etc. like any other business owner does. when i came into the office on january 2nd, however, i took a moment first to reflect on 2016. i can’t move on and look forward without first stepping back and trying to capture everything that…

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  • Dec142016

    Holiday Gift Guide

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    For Your Coffee Lover From winter wear to brewing at home, we have you covered this Holiday season Fleece Zip Up Chemex Coffee Maker Or choose the Complete Pour Over set Carabiner Mug Stainless Steel Kettle Coffee Subscriptions Coffee – Valve Bags

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  • Dec062016

    the roaster + retailer relationship

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    by brian. as printed in the November issue of Fresh Cup magazine. We’re almost out of milk. It’s Monday morning at 11:00, and I’m staring at a line to the door with a dozen customers who hopefully want drip coffee because we only have enough milk for about five lattes. I have a meeting in thirty minutes, fifteen minutes away,…

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  • Oct072016

    September #FindYourSummit


    Here are your September #FindYourSummit selections! 1. Willie MacDade 2. Lisa Corcoran 3. Michael McFadden 4. Jeff McGonnell Vote for your favorite picture by commenting below. Voting starts now and lasts until Monday October 17th. Winners win a swanky prize 🙂 Don’t forget to keep showing us your daily adventures for October!  

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  • Oct062016

    millenials and me: embracing a career in coffee

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    by Brian. (as printed in Fresh Cup magazine’s October issue). It was around this time last year, early fall 2015. I walked behind the bar at our flagship store, dressed in a gray suit because I was on my way to a board meeting for a foundation I serve. A frequent morning customer, a man no older than sixty, asked,…

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