Billy Jones, musician-in-residence.

Billy Jones, musician-in-residence.
January 5, 2012 Summit Coffee

Billy Jones has taken to calling Summit his “home court” for concerts, and, well…he should. Billy has played at least one concert at Summit each month for the past 8 years. All told, he has performed more than 750 hours of music on his home court: downstairs, upstairs, out back, and out front.

When I became an owner of Summit in 2003, Billy was a barista here. I quickly learned about his passion for music and his talent as a songwriter. Before long he let me start playing drums with him and we started gigging at Summit. Billy has also been instrumental in organizing the many benefit concerts we have housed over the years. In short, it has been the greatest musical relationship of my life. Billy plays for all the right reasons.

These days Billy has added another gem to the Davidson music scene. In 2010 he opened up The Birdsnest: Davidson’s music store. The ‘Nest is a concert venue, vinyl record store, music supply store and the best place in town to take guitar lessons.

“The Pocket” formed in 2007 when we hooked up with a former bandmate of mine, the indomitable Mason Bissett. Mason is a magician on the bass guitar with a pretty serious wow-factor.

Billy Jones and the Pocket plays its first show of the new year tonight, January 5. We’d love to see you there.

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