In 1998, the Summit team began its adventure in coffee with the opening of the first Summit Coffee on Main St. in small town Davidson, NC . We wanted to hire passionate people, source outstanding coffee, brew it precisely, and deliver it artfully. We love coffee and we love people and we really love it when those two things come together.

After nearly two decades in business, the pursuit of adventure is still at the heart of the Summit Coffee team, as we constantly look for new great coffees and new waysto share our passions with people. Since we also love good beer, delicious wine, fresh pastries, running, climbing, pizza, live music, and sports camps, we’ve figured out ways to share those things, too.

With two cafes, a roastery, and a training lab, Summit continues to explore new territories. We learn new things everyday and we embrace the challenge of change. The journey is the reward, after all, especially when there’s great coffee.