a different kind of famers market

a different kind of famers market
April 29, 2016 QuickFix
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by evan.

It’s that time of year again! The sun is out, the days are getting long, it’s time to get out and about. It’s also time to go the the farmers market, preferably the Davidson Farmers Market where you can get Summit Coffee. But why go to the farmers market at all?

There are all sorts of reasons, some simpler than others, some more obvious. Getting up on a Saturday morning to wait in lines outside for limited selection might not be the best way to buy produce. Sure that’s a pessimistic way to look at it, so what’s the other way? Enjoying a summer day with people excited about their community waiting to buy the freshest seasonal goods. Much better, right?

One of the reasons I go to the farmers market is to talk with the farmers. It is named after them, after all. I think of our single farmer coffees in much the same way. Working with single farmers gives us an opportunity to taste their unique practices, the specific microclimates that affect their farms, and to learn about the passion and dedication they have for their work.

Ok, so it’s a little different. You aren’t traveling to the coffee belt, haggling over price, or hoping that the person ahead of you doesn’t buy the last dozen eggs. The two experiences are more similar than you might think. These coffees are very limited, sometimes as little as one hundred and fifty pounds. The farmers that are providing them have worked meticulously to make sure that these are the best offerings from their farm, they are putting their name on it after all. We are working with these limited supplies and high expectations to bring you the best experience possible.

This week we are releasing the first of the coffees that Brian and I purchased on a trip to Colombia. This farmer presented a limited lot to auction. A coffee that highlights the best his farm has to offer. We shook his hand after the auction. Seemed a bit like the farmers market to me.

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