5 Ways to Use Summit Granola

5 Ways to Use Summit Granola
August 14, 2016 QuickFix
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Our granola isn’t just for breakfast. Here are a few fun & different ideas to make the most out of your morning meal.

  1. Trail Mix – give yourself an Energy boosting snack by adding dried fruit and chocolate chips to the mix. We like to add dried cranberries or cherries! Come fall, dried Apples will be just delicious, too.
  2. Salads – sprinkle our salty-sweet granola over salads to act as croutons. The granola adds a nice texture and works well with naturally sweet vegetables like roasted carrots or beets. We like to add granola to the top of our Kale Lemon Salad!
  3. Baked Goods – add crunch and extra flavor to your pancake, cupcake, or muffin batter
  4. Bars – an easy on the go snack for kids and adults alike. We like this recipe.
  5. Meat Rub – sounds risky, but we swear it works! The salty sweetness of our granola makes for a great substitute for some of the ingredients in this fool proof recipe by Bobby Flay. Be sure to use a food processor to grind granola down to a meat rub consistency. Add rest of ingredients as intended.



Let us know if you try any of these granola transformations! Enjoy!


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